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I recently wrote a piece for Sojourners which talked about the late and great (and hope giving) Phyllis Tickle, our every-500-year societal and religious shifts, and being a church of tension dwellers rather than answer finders. Here’s a clip and the link:

“Phyllis Tickle predicted that it would take us — as it has taken others elsewhere — one hundred years to shake it all out once more, to find a new normal as humans, as Christians, as people who are relearning how to love and recognize the image of God in one another. And if this is true, then we are still merely at the beginning of this epoch, marked by the rise of global internet access. We are in the “chaos” phase that every artist knows well, where the supplies are strewn about and the grief that is to be our painting’s subject has yet to be fully deconstructed. To me, there is hope in this reminder — hope that maybe we have been created to live in the muddled period of becoming, committing ourselves to trial and error and to sifting. It seems we have been offered the unique opportunity of experimenting with several ways of existing, rather than finding, fossilizing, and marketing the way in our lifetime . . . “


Read more of “Not Yet on Shore: An American Church in Tension” here!

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