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This past July, I had the extreme privilege of joining up with 11 other writers and our facilitator Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove at the Collegeville Institute’s Writing to Change the World Workshop in Collegeville, Minnesota. It was a brilliant, challenging, and re-centering experience that gave me a new wave of drive and inspiration for story-sharing through the written word.  I still feel so connected to the folks that told their tales around that fire pit, introduced me to the cranky/beautiful words of Anne Lamott, and vulnerably shared their writings with the welcoming group at the round table. What a sweet, sweet gift.

Since then, I’ve been periodically writing (with a few of them and a collective of others) for the daily articles on the Red Letter Christians website. In case you missed them, here are the latest two.

Adoptions Reality: My Time with a Teen Birth Mom

Global Missions: What Are We Doing Here?

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