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In case you missed them, here are some pieces and places that I’ve written over the last few months!

On the Red Letter Christians Blog

“A Reminder for the Relocated,” a litany for those living and working among the marginalized. 

Share This: How Jesus Saves Us from the Facebook Wars,” exploring the difference between posts and parables. 

“The World Will Be Saved by Beauty,” an interview with my artist activist friend Zhailon Levingston. 

“Postpartum Depression and Black Lives Matter,” asking for forgiveness for pain rejected and saying that I am listening.

“Straight and Scared,” an apology for being too terrified to march. 

On the Art House America Blog

“Stalled by Grace,” finding the village at the fabric store. 

On Milk Drunk Blog

“I Booked a Flight and Wrote a Will,” about my anxiety with traveling to Chicago.

“About Being Two,” a tribute to the years that my son will never remember and I will never forget. 

Mom Guilt,” is self explanatory. 

“Identity,” sharing the process of who I am becoming and who I am missing in myself. 

“Mercy,” and what I didn’t realize motherhood would bring me into.

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